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   Non-market activities
                                          >> Motocade
                                          >> Events-Trainings
                                          >> OK Happy hour at bars and discotheques
                                          >> OK Display at hotel and guest houses
                                          >> OK Gala outdoors at tourist spots
                                          >> MSM - Blue sea 20-11-2007
                                          >> Le Phat dong tai Ha tay
                                          >> Lang ca hat tai Ninh Binh
                                          >> NewchoiCe voi Nu Sinh
                                          >> Ngay sang tao 28-11-2007
                                          >> DH Lao Dong 26-11-2007
    In addition to its market-based activities, DKT Vietnam conducts non-market-based programs to improve knowledge of family planning and disease prevention. For most non-market activity, DKT contracts with the provincial authorities.
The main projects are based on Information, Education and Communication (IEC), Behavior Change Communication (BCC), and Advertising & Promotion (A&P). DKT also works at the provincial, ward, commune, and village levels to increase awareness in a more direct approach.

In each province, DKT representatives work with Provincial AIDS Bureaus (PABs). DKT subcontracts with the local Provincial Committee for Population, Family, Children (PCPFC) officer to organise orientations and meetings to advocate to leaders at the provincial and district levels.

DKT then organizes Trainings of Trainers (ToTs) in contraception and reproductive health. The trainer organizes training sessions for commune health staff, local population specialists and pharmacies, as well as communication sessions for female workers in the workplace, students in schools and universities, and women in villages.
DKT program officers also organize cultural events, contests and performances targeting mainly women in villages, women in the community, women workers and young female students. Programs generally target lower-income groups.
DKT focuses on advocacy, holding orientation meetings and TV forums, inviting leaders from agencies and departments that address HIV/AIDS, such as the Departments of Health and Public Security and People’s Committee Chairpersons, to talk on TV about condom use.

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